The Knoxville Public Safety Foundation strives to provide assistance and support to safety professionals and their immediate family in the event of catastrophic injury, illness, death or other significant life-altering events..


The Knoxville Public Safety Foundation will strive to provide assistance and support to public safety professionals and their immediate family in the event of catastrophic injury, illness, death or other significant life-altering events.


The KPSF is organized exclusively for the purposes outlined as follows:To receive funds and property, to invest funds, and to disburse and distribute the same as voluntary, gratuitous and charitable gifts and contributions to or for the benefit of police officers and firefighters and their immediate family within the KPSF service area.


Public safety professionals will be defined as full time, sworn members of the four core agencies in which the KPSF will serve. These include the Knoxville Police Department, The Knoxville Fire Department, The Knox County Sheriff’s Office and the University Of Tennessee Police Department. Additionally, the immediate family of the full time, sworn public safety professional will be defined as spouse and dependent children.

Assistance awarded to the public safety professional and/or their immediate family may be in the form of financial support or if applicable, a tangible item (i.e. vehicle, home/home improvement, equipment). Scholarships may be awarded to the dependent children as deemed appropriate.

If the board deems it appropriate and approves the award, benefits may be awarded to non-sworn members of the four (4) core agencies.

Part time employees are not eligible for awards or benefits.

The service area of the KPSF is within the Knox County jurisdiction. The four (4) core agencies are all located within the noted service area.


Chief Troy Lane
Sheriff Tom Spangler
Chief Eve Thomas
Chief Stan Sharp
Chief Sterling Owen, Ret.
Lysette Aviles
Grey Steed
Norman Majors
Bob Gilbertson
Charlie Daniel

J.E. Henry
George Kershaw
Alvin Nance
Ben Bentley
Steve Golliher
Jim Bush
Robyn Askew
Avice Reid
Tim Miller


Chief Phil Keith, Ret.


Hendersonville Citizens Police Academy Assn.


Jeffrey L. Stiles
Howard Kirkland
Debbie Moore


Gary Price


Amber Gallagher
Charles R. Daniel
Rachael Hankins
Grey Steed
Robert M. Gilbertson
Jupiter Entertainment Group
Jill Green
Michael Natzke


Each individual or business who contributes will be recognized. The recognition will be based upon the level of giving. Examples of recognition might include a lapel pin or a decal for a membership in the Foundation. For additional levels of giving, donors/members may be exposed to a closer examination of the core departments including shooting at the Firearms ranges, participating in fire department training, firearms simulators, riding/driving on the driving tracks, ride-a-longs with public safety personnel, plaques and other methods of recognition that will be determined later. All consenting donors/members will be recognized in any Annual Reports.

We would also like to recognize the contributions of J.E. Henry and Mike Hill of IT 4 the Planet for the creation and installation of our software and, without whom, this web site would not exist; Lysette Aviles and the Graphics Design Department of Scripps Networks for their assistance with the web site graphics; Mary Gallant of Gallant DesignWorks for her assistance with the web site; Sherry Smith and Debbie Moore for their multiple contributions of accounting, typing, and general guidance in performing the “behind the scenes” duties to make the Foundation successful, and finally the KPSF Officers and Executive Committee members who performed hours of volunteer service to complete the infrastructure, to solicit funding and to do what was necessary to make the Foundation operational.